American Education Solutions, Inc

Planning and Implementation Support Services

In addition to existing grant writing and evaluation services, AES offers planning and implementation support for magnet schools and projects. These services include implementation planning, project management guidance and professional development to support instructional improvement.

Planning and Project Implementation: As part of its focus on Implementation Support, AES staff will work side-by-side with district personnel to translate the approved grant proposal into practice, guide teachers in operationalizing the magnet theme and monitoring progress to inform next steps.

  • Support for Implementation Planning is designed to create a road map to guide the execution of your magnet project within the unique context of your district. As part of this work, AES staff will provide hands-on support so that project and school staffs understand and are engaged in the process and complete a high-quality plan. Finished plans will include all important grant activities, the professional development that supports these activities, timelines which clearly show how activities depend on each other and meaningful benchmarks that are tied to already existing performance measures.
  • Project Management Guidance, customized for each district, is an extension of implementation planning. Technical assistance and coaching can help project directors, principals and other staff more effectively use their implementation plans, utilize data to track progress, and identify and solve problems that are an unavoidable part of implementing a large and complex program.

Instructional Improvement: Enhancing teaching and learning lie at the core of the MSAP theory of action and the AES approach. As such, AES provides support, including professional development, to ensure the adoption of core components of effective magnet instruction. As an example,

  • The development of Magnet Standards provides the foundation for the magnet program and ensures a vision for thematic instruction.